Delta is a great airline for jetting around America, with free in flight text messaging and greatย  on time punctuality. Their loyalty program is an entirely different story. In recent years, the airline has stripped away it’s charts, which reflect how many points you’ll need for virtually any flight. It’s all guesswork now. But thanks to a limited time promotion, it’s possible to get value for your miles, with flights just 5,500 miles one way – all over the country.

The Best Deals

The catch here is that Delta now prices miles in very close relativity to cash prices. What we’re trying to say is: this is a great, low number of points- but the flights would be cheap anyway. New York to Miami (and vice versa) is 12,000 points round trip, but it’s easy to find paid prices for $137. Same goes for San Diego to Salt Lake City, Boston to Orlando or Cincinnati to Las Vegas. There are lots of others, by the way.

All The Deals

If you’re sitting on a bunch of Delta points and don’t plan to use them for a clever Delta One upgrade in the US, or some international flights in the airlines new suites– this is a solid way to burn through points. All the “flash” deals can be found here. You must book by December 9th for travel November 28th through December 16th. Space is limited, so if you want in – book now.