Hong Kong- a city of spectacular blinding lights, and the perfect jumping point for your Asian adventure. While standard prices run €600 and way up, you can get there from countless European cities, starting at just €330 round trip- with checked bag and meals. This sale won’t last forever, and in fact, some of them in and midnight…

The Great Deals To Hong Kong

Air France, Air China, KLM and British Airways are battling it out to the max- all trying to be your ride to Hong Kong. They are offering incredible prices from London, Nice, Frankfurt, Milan, Munich and quite a few other European cities, all with prices around €330 round trip.

The Dates You Can Jet Off

These deals are available from now (November 2017) through May 2018. It’s highly possible other dates are available, but these are the dates we’ve seen. Not all deals will be available on all sites.

How To Book

China Southern has the absolute lowest fares from Amsterdam at €345, which you can sample here. Air China is running 20% off deals, with Hong Kong coming in at just €380 round trip from Munich, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf. To search, you must book by end of day today on this dedicated sales page. British Airways and KLM are battling it out in Nice, Luxembourg, Oslo and London with fares at €390 round trip.