China is always a cool place to go- but it usually requires too much dough to get there. Thanks toΒ  a continuous barrage of incredible sales, that’s been changing- but those sales rarely (if ever) go this low. For a limited time, you can fly round trip to Beijing with a full checked bag, meals and everything, starting at just $374 and all options under $490. That’s a deal.

The Hot Deals To Beijing

As the travel boom hits full swing, countless new airlines are trying to swoop in and win customers. Legacy airlines are having to fight back with great amenities and better fares. Today we see China Airlines, the incumbent- battling it out with Hainan Airlines, the challenger. The result: we get great deals from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Chicago and New York.

The Dates You Can Jet Off

The deals are available from November (now) thru March 2018, with the very best prices only available on select dates. We suggest using Google Flights flexible calendar to show a month of prices (using this crucial tip) and then going to Momondo to book, to save an extra $30+ bucks.

How To Book

We’ve made examples of the best prices from each city. Simply play with dates to find something that works at the same pricing using Google Flights, and then plug in the same dates on mega search site Momondo for additional savings. Here are the best deals, in price order from: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston,Β New York and Chicago. Enjoy China.