Sometimes a little boost is all you need. We’re talking about miles, by the way. There’s a new roundabout opportunity to top off your United Airlines MileagePlus airline miles balance, at a fraction of the usual price- thanks to a great bonus and a clever transfer option.

First- Register For A Great Bonus

To accomplish all the good stuff going on here, you need a United MileagePlus account and a Choice Privileges account. Both are free to create, so anyone can take care of both of those now, if you haven’t already. Once you have accounts with both programs, register your United account for a transfer bonus on hotel point transfers here. The bonus runs thru November 30th.

Next Take Advantage Of Cheap Hotel Points

Choice Privileges, the hotel group is offering a mystery bonus between 30% and 50% for points purchases. Even if you get the lowest bonus, you can transfer those points to United at a rate of roughly 1.3 cents per United MileagePlus mile. If you get a 50% bonus, the cost becomes just 1.1 cents per United MileagePlus mile. You can buy points here.

How To Get It All Done And Score Cheap United Miles

FrequentMiler, a top site for points tricks has a great write up and step by step guide. We’d waste more of your time trying to explain exactly how to do this, but we think you’ll enjoy their guide even more. Click here to read the step by step process to turn these cheap points into United magic.

HT: FrequentMiler