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When airlines have been bad, they make up with good deals…

Yeah, we put it in the title. Deal with it. It’s just the dose of honesty best served when searching for flights and seeing that £5 is all you need for a 3+ hour flight in Europe or $49 for a flight in the U.S. There are two distinctly amazing sales out there at the moment not to be missed, so here’s everything you need to know…

£5 One Way Flights In Europe With Ryanair

Ryanair has launched a ridiculous £5 sale from the UK and €5 from elsewhere in Europe. You can fly all around the European continent, with even longer flights still just £5. Yes. a freaking £5 note will get you around Europe The deals end TONIGHT. You can’t assign a seat for this price, but you can bring a carry on bag. Assigned seats are only like £5 more though. Here’s the page where you can find them all from the UK. We couldn’t help ourselves, and just booked £5 flights from London to Oslo. For other countries, just search around on Google flights to find the deals. Enjoy.

$45 JetBlue U.S. Sale

Although $45 sounds like a lot next to £5, it’s still an incredible deal. JetBlue has launched fares all over the U.S. so for just $45 and up one way, you can jet around the U.S. And yes, that’d come to about $90 round trip, which is AMAZING for JetBlue’s quality. Enjoy. Here’s the deal page.