In one of the most bizarre and alarming recent airport related events- a sensitive USB drive was found abandoned in London, containing highly secretive information regarding security at London Heathrow Airport, and details on the Queen’s procedures at the major hub. At this point very little is known, with new details emerging throughout the day.

A man came across a USB device in West London, roughly 10 miles from Heathrow Airport. Curious to see what a USB found on the street might hold, the man who remains nameless began to analyze the drive- only to very quickly realize that it was chock full of sensitive information. According to reports, the drive contained highly sensitive, restricted and perhaps secret information, which somehow was not encrypted.

It’s understood that the device contained security protocols for each stage of access to airside facilities at the airport, including: the route the Queen of England takes to reach Heathrow, the details and protocols taken upon her arrival and countless other “alarm bell ringing” maps, codes, videos and layouts for the world’s third busiest airport. Perhaps worst of all, the drive contained a list of the exact times for patrol shifts for security forces.

What’s not understood is who this device belonged to and of course, how it was left on the side of the road. If it was an employee with sensitive access, this could be considered a very lucky break. If it was in the hands of those who may hope to cause harm- this is scary times indeed. The airport has ensured the public that security is of the highest priority and that changes have been made in response to the release. An investigation will ensue shortly.