First there was screaming babies, then they started taking our legroom- and now they want to finish off our ear drums. Southwest Airlines is expanding it’s in flight concert series, thanks to a new partnership, and in case you’re wondering if that means someone will actually be playing concerts over the loud speaker for your entire flight- you’d be absolutely right.

Southwest Airlines and Warner Music Nashville have finalized a deal, which purports that all of the labels rock (or country) stars fly Southwest- due to their friendly checked bag and ticket change policies. With the two brands being such close travel buddies, they decided to expand their partnership to include 20 or more concerts per year, in-flight on domestic Southwest flights as part of the “Live at 35” campaign. In fairness, 20 or so concerts is far less than 1% of their roughly 1,000,000 or more annual flights. Thank goodness, some might say.

Don’t get us entirely wrong- there is something cool about the idea of a famous artist serenading an otherwise mundane flight. But if one movie for the entire flight didn’t work, we don’t think this will either. Want a little sleep? No chance. Want to keep the babies from screaming? We’ll see how that goes when someone in a cowboy hat starts belting over the PA system. And though it may label us entirely cynical- we don’t imagine the A-listers will be performing for free on board any time soon.

Kudos to Southwest and Warner Music for proving that even the strangest, and perhaps most ill advised ideas can make themselves into reality. If you’re a fan of country music and or Warner Music Nashville, you now have a new reason to seek out Southwest flights. For everyone else, we highly suggest checking out this article on travel accessories to drown out noise.