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We all grow up wanting to be astronauts, presidents, sports stars, pop stars and firemen, but very few of us get to actually live the dream. While the dreams we have as children may have faded away (yes, that’s an Oasis reference) new ones emerge. Want the coolest job on earth, traveling around the world on the New York Times-dime-for a year? You just might get it…

The New York Times offers it’s divine “52 places to go” guide each year, and needs someone to document each destinations and their unique offerings first hand. The world renowned publisher is looking to hire one person to travel to 52 destinations in a year, all expenses paid- capable of creating insightful and interesting stories, with inspired visuals. For those struggling with the math- that’s one destination every week, all year long. Though this publication was too lazy to reach the New York Times for comment- we believe you’ll be able to collect frequent flyer miles.

Who could it be? The paper is looking for someone well traveled; who’s documented their travels on some form of social media, blog or publication and is available for a year filled with wonderful- and perhaps sometimes very extensive and tiring adventure. If this sounds like just the moment you’ve ben waiting for- to tell your boss it’s over, you can check out the job posting here. If you’re really serious about flying around the world each week, every week on report for the New York Times, here’s the application page. Just keep in mind- this author just might be amongst your competition, joining the 3,000+ who’ve already applied. It’s pretty darn cool. Dream big, right?

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