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Fruits De Mare, Under The Air…

Though the world’s top restaurants constantly push the boundaries of food, elevating cuisine to new heights, sometimes the best stuff is right at the surface. Or in some cases- just below it. Sunset views are great, but for the ultimate adventure- diners in Europe will soon be able to experience table views (and champagne) from below the sea, while feasting on it’s many delights…

Under, which loosely translates in Norwegian to “wonder” will begin construction off the Southern Coast of Norway in early 2018. The restaurant will offer three levels, the lowest of which will be the dining area, submerged 16 feet, or roughly five meters below the waters surface. No word yet on how the conditions will affect your wine, but views from the 36 foot wide uninhibited window, out into the sea should certainly be captivating. For those skipping out on dinner but hoping for bubbly conversation in a “breath taking” (get it, under water?) setting, the restaurant will feature a mezzanine champagne bar. With underwater views, conversation starters are sure to flow as smoothly as the drinks. For increased viewing pleasure and eco benefit, the restaurant will also create artificial marine life communities around the structure, sure to add flare to the views.

So… when? The restaurant expects to open in the first quarter of 2019 and that’s great news for those planning ahead, hoping to score an early table. The restaurant will feature a champagne bar on the second level, so even if tables are tough, you can still enjoy the bubbly parts of life under the sea.

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Will you be dining underwater in Norway at Under?