People love rewards and companies love rewarding themselves with a percentage of every transaction we make. Credit cards from loyalty brand are everywhere now, with virtually every airline and hotel chain offering an enticing rewards package for making your swipes via their card. Last but not lot least, Uber has just jumped into the credit card market- launching a new Visa card with an interesting array of benefits.

Uber’s new credit card, launching November 2nd, will offer a “10,000” point bonus, which translates into a $100 uber credit, gift card credit or statement credit. But that’s hardly the only benefit. The card will earn 4x points on restaurants and UberEATS, 3x points on travel purchases such as airlines, Airbnb and hotels, 2x points on online purchases and 1x points on everything else. Perhaps most useful to many- the card offers mobile phone insurance if you charge your phone bill to the card, a benefit up to $600. And for those who crave binge worthy television, spending over $5,000 a year on the card earns a $50 credit towards Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Surprisingly, given the solid bonus point categories, the Uber credit card carries no annual fee. There are no arbitrage opportunities to unlock incredible airline sweet spots using points, or interesting membership organizations associated with the card, but for no annual fee- these are compelling benefits from many people who just want cash back or to save on riding with Uber. Of course, for those that travel more frequently, there are more compelling cards– but this is a great offering, especially for no annual fee.