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Eat your heart out Casey Neistat. We here at GodSaveThePoints.com are big fans of Casey Neistat’s fun, approachable and instantly enviable videos. Only- Casey beat us to the punch once. We shot our Emirates First Class video months before Casey- only to have him beat us on editing time. And then lightning struck twice! Casey beat us again on Lufthansa First Class. But going second occasionally has it’s benefits. How luxurious is Lufthansa First Class? You’re about to find out.

Lufthansa first class is a truly wonderful experience. Refined, clean, sharp- it’s a way of flying that must be experienced at least once in life. The good news is, you don’t need to be insanely wealthy to try it. There are some amazing tricks with points which can land you there for hundreds, not thousands. Trust us- you’ll be glad you did.

Have you flown Lufthansa First Class? What did you think?