If you’re not using points to stay for free– staying as ritzy as possible, for as little as possible– is the dream. While it’s hard to find a top notch Tokyo, New York, San Francisco or Sydney hotel for under $350 a night, there a few gorgeous destinations where you can glam it up for under $100. That’s right. There are cities you actually want to visit- where five star hotels can be less than $100 per night. Let’s go!

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a crown jewel of Eastern Europe, featuring a walled city and truly spectacular mediterranean views. It’s a wonderful mix of comforts and standards, we as travelers have come to expect- with the flare of a location ripe with culture and history. The deals on just about everything are really desirable- but it’s not even the cheapest city in the region. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous- use Dubrovnik as base for exploring places like Belgrade, which  offer even lower hotel deals. For a completely magical, Game of Thrones holiday though- this is tough to beat.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

While nearby neighbor Singapore gets away with $400+ a night five star hotels (with fair reason), Malaysia offers outstanding value for travelers seeking a little extra luxury. The city offers up some of the finest hotels in the world- at prices which are truly out of this world. Kuala Lumpur is tons of fun to explore, the food is awesome- and like many great cities- is also an ideal hopping off point for exploring the iconic region. The city gets lots of great airfare deals, so why not fly to Kuala Lumpur, spend a few nights, visit the rest of Malaysia before heading off to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or Cambodia?

Example link: Kuala Lumpur Hotels

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

This is just NOT the Egypt you were expecting. Sharm El Sheikh is a seaside paradise, with all but guaranteed perfect weather, lovely culture- and of course countless gorgeous hotels. There’s a competitive array of all inclusive options, allowing you to live it up in the sun for less than $100 bucks- with a whole lot more than a place to sleep included. Easily accessible from most of Europe, this is a great go to spot- with far better value than other easily accessible options.

Example Link: Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

Medellin, Colombia

Perhaps it’s because duffel bags of Pablo Escobar’s money are still being found in the area- but there aren’t many places on earth where you can combine such a bustling, vibrant and attractive city with prices this low. Top hotels in Medellin are almost always under $100 a night and when you couple the cheap nights with cheap flights- it’s hard to pass up. The food is to die for, the countryside is gorgeous and it’s a perfect base camp for exploring the country. Don’t forget- Colombia has tons of sun and some serious beaches too. After you get done digging…

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Consider Siem Reap your reward for having the presence of mind to venture to a slightly more under the radar destination. Delightfully replete with temples, beautiful sunrises and food you’ll never forget- it’s one of the greatest values left in travel. Local currency is extremely low against most western currencies- allowing you to live it up to the max, without breaking the budget. On top of great deals- you’ll find even better service. Hotels in Cambodia are known for devoted, personalized service that exceeds most standards. You’ll be glad you made the trip.

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