If you’re going all the way to Asia, every inch of legroom and recline matters. Premium economy can be a serious step up from the economy experience we’ve all come to know too well. But unlike the pristine luxury of business class- it’s far more affordable than ever. There are £650 deals to Seoul, Tokyo or Hong Kong, giving plenty of opportunity for a fantastic Asian adventure.

The Premium Deals To Asia

Cathay Pacific, Air France and Lufthansa have some of the best premium economy offerings in the world. Truly, they’re ranked. Each airline is offering incredible deals from cities like London, Madrid, Manchester, Lisbon, Oslo, Frankfurt and Stockholm to Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong. For just £650 and up, you can enjoy double the recline, far more legroom, better meals and even some champagne. Not to mention priority boarding and in most cases- additional checked bags. If this isn’t enough luxury, you should check out this crazy business class sale, starting at £950.

The Dates You Can Jet Off To Amazing Cities

These deals are available from November 2017-April 2018, and likely beyond then as well. Not every date is available, so it’s great to use Google Flights, which shows an entire calendar month of prices. Lucky for you, we’ve made links to each deal!

How To Book These Cozy Deals

The best way to book these deals is to find the low prices for dates you can use on Google Flights. But then- go to Momondo.com to search, because the fares will be LOWER. Flights which are showing up as £660 on Google Flights are pricing around £515 if you use Momondo. Great deal! Here are the best deals (all are round trip): £515 London to Seoul, £616 Manchester To Seoul£660 Oslo to Hong Kong, £706 Nice to Hong Kong, £712 Stockholm to Hong Kong,  £750 Frankfurt to Tokyo.