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The plane tickets aren’t exactly cheap, but these deals are less than half the usual cost of flights to Bali. Plus- if you’ve been to Bali, you know that once you land, almost everything is cheap. Massages run around $7 an hour, you can hire a private chef for peanuts and stunning villas are within reach for anyone. It’s time to go to Bali, just tell your boss it’s for scientific research.

The Crazy Economy Deals To Bali

China Eastern just won’t stop with their great fares. They’ve brought back their very best offers from New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and San Francisco to Bali. We love Bali as a destination and have a bundle of tips for visiting, a great place to stay, an unforgettable bar and a must do hike while there. For $389+ round trip, it’s a lot more exciting than paying more to visit Florida. No offense, Florida.

The Dates You Can Jet Off To Paradise

These deals are available on select dates from November 2017-April of 2018. It’s always hard to beat some winter sun- and there are few places on earth where you’ll get better sun than Bali! To search, use Momondo, which will find the very best prices from a variety of online travel agents.

How To Book These Stunning Deals

You can find the very best prices from Los Angeles, though New York is just behind. San Francisco, Vancouver and other cities will be a bit more. Here’s an example date for $389 Los Angeles to Bali, $445 New York to Bali, $490 San Francisco to Bali. You can also use SkyScanner to see an entire month of prices, to find the best deals. Enjoy Bali.