Winter is coming. In practicality- that means the season of giving (and spending) is upon us. If you want to get a head start on your expenses, while perhaps taking advantage of some fall sales- there’s now double the reason to shop. American, Alaska, British Airways, Delta, United and Amex are offering 2X points at leading online stores, just for clicking over via their websites.

Miles For Online Shopping Is A Big Thing

Of course you should always be earning miles or points from your credit card for all purchases, but people completely overlook the double dip. Just by clicking through to your favorite websites and stores like Nike, Zara, Apple, Urban Outfitters and everything else under the sun- from an airline website- you earn tons of additional miles. Basically: the airline gets paid commission for sending you over to the site- so they kick back some miles in your favor.

This Week And Beyond There Are Double Miles

British Airways, American Airlines, United and Amex are out with double points offers this week. In summary: go shopping- but make sure you click over to your favorite store,from their websites first, so you can double points- double dip. You’ll earn any standard credit card points for making the purchase, plus up to 30 airline miles per dollar spent (some may even have more) depending which store you’re clicking over to. It’s a no brainer, and very overlooked.

Just Show Me The Offers And Links Already

The British Airways offers applies to both the US and UK e-stores, and the Amex offer can be found here. Apple at 8 miles per dollar/pound spent is amazing. A laptop would yield enough miles and points for a free round trip short haul flight in Europe. 16 miles per dollar/pound at Selfridges is ripe for some major mileage earning too! Here are the links for the American Airlines, AlaskaDelta and United offers. And Here’s the Amex double points link, which applies to purchases made in stores and online. No effort required = nice.