Some cities are so fantastic- it’s worth braving the crowds just for a taste. With so many trending destinations and new hotspots annually, it’s tough to keep up with where all the “cool kids” are going. Fortunately, Mastercard has been keeping track of the cities with the most international visitors who spend at least a night. Can you guess the ten most visited cities in the world?

#10 Hong Kong

Annual visitors: 9.25 Million.

#9 Kuala Lumpur

Annual visitors: 12.1 Million

#8 New York

Annual Visitors: 12.4 Million.

#7 Seoul

Annual Visitors: 12.44 Million. 

#6 Tokyo

Annual Visitors: 12.5 Million. 

#5 Singapore

Annual Visitors: 13.45 Million. 

#4 Dubai

Annual Visitors: 16 Million. 

#3 Paris

Annual Visitors: 16.1 Million. 

#2 London

Annual Visitors: 20 Million. 

#1 Bangkok

Annual Visitors: 20.2 Million. 

What was your biggest surprise on the list?

HT: The Independent