Karma can really get you. I’ve enjoyed ribbing bloggers over the years for taking absolutely ridiculous journeys, just for the sake of taking them – and now I’ve unintentionally joined the pack. Sometimes flight deals pop up that you just can’t refuse and sometimes… they lead to flying 30 hours in a 35 hour window. I’ll explain.

We’re Taking The Longest Way Home From Australia

Australia is hardly convenient to most people in the Northern Hemisphere, but with Qantas launching a direct flight between Perth and London, while already having countless direct flights between the U.S. and Australia- it’s not “that” bad. Basically- to get from Australia to Europe (our final destination) there are ways to do it fairly swiftly. Because we needed to make a few deals fit in to other deals, we however are flying Australia to Asia to America to Europe.

16,000+ Miles With Three Consecutive 9+ Hour Flights

We’re flying Melbourne to Sydney, Sydney to Tokyo, Tokyo to San Francisco, San Francisco to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to London, crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in one (crazy) continuous trip. But don’t cry for us just yet. Thanks to an error fare, an upgrade trick and a great deal, every one of these flights will be in business or first class, with top airlines like Al Nippon Airways and British Airways.

Is There A Point? Only That This Is Amusing… And Crazy.

Personally, I find amusement a key to life. While this may venture from enjoyable, to amusing to entirely frustrating- it will nonetheless make for some (hopefully) enjoyable trip reports for your viewing pleasure. I haven’t been back to Australia and New Zealand in far too long, and am really looking forward to spending a couple weeks down there- before the madness of getting home. Let’s just hope there are no delays…