Colombia offers an amount of fun which many people seek one of the country’s more famous exports to attain. But the truth is, you don’t need any drugs to feel the magic of the country- and if you want to feel dangerous, you can just take one of the new Pablo Escobar tours. Colombia is beautiful, it’s buzzing, the food is outstanding, the dollar goes far and the beaches are muy-muy bien. There are some hot deals out right now which get you down there on the cheap – and since expenses are cheap down there, this makes an amazing destination.

The Hot Economy Deals

JetBlue, American and Delta are offering some of their best fares of the season. That’s great news, because as things cool down up here in the U.S, the weather is fantastic in South America. In these deals you can depart Miami (Fort Lauderdale), Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C. or New York. There are similar great deals from other cities (worth a look on Google Flights) but these are the best.

The Dates You Can Jet Off

For most cities these deals are available from October-November 2017 and then again from January-February 2018.ย It’s possible there are dates outside of this range, so don’t be afraid to give em’ a look.

How To Book These Deals To Colombia

The easiest way to find these deals and book them is by using our easy to use Google Flights links from each city. Simply click on the city that works fro you and enjoy. Here are round trip deals from: $250 Fort Lauderdale to Bogota, $269 Fort Lauderdale to Medellin, $343 New York to Medellin, $348 Austin to Medellin,ย $367 Chicago to Bogota, $369 Washington DC to Bogota.