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We get it- points are exciting, but some of the best hotels are not part of a big chain. Much like a great wine, the very best hotels are indicative of their terroir, showcasing where they are from- and what that place represents, in a way you cannot find elsewhere. Small Luxury Hotels, known as SLH have rebranded their loyalty program- and for a limited time they’re giving away elite status.

SLH Has Over 500 Hotels In 80 Countries…

We’re not exactly talking about a mom n’ pop operation here. SLH is a highly curated group of boutique hotels throughout the world. With a presence in 80 countries, mainly in top destinations there are real opportunities to stay with the brand and put perks to use.

You Can Enroll Directly As An Elite Loyalty Member…

SLH has a sign up which takes you directly to their middle elite status tier, just one tier short of their top offering. All members receive solid benefits, but as an “Inspired” elite member, guests receive early check in, late check out, complimentary wifi, breakfast for two and a one category room upgrade- subject to availability. There’s also a theoretical preferred rate, and birthday gift. We all like birthday gifts.

Here’s How To Enroll As An “Inspired” Elite Member…

Look, we didn’t come up with the titles, so leave that with them! Though you may cringe every time you say it, being an inspired member will save you serious bucks on your next SLH stay. Hotel breakfasts can be ghastly expensive, as can wifi- so these two things alone are worth calling yourself an inspired member. Simply visit this link to register “Inspired”. The link is intended for American Express cardmembers, but there’s nothing precluding you from joining.

Update: It may take 5-7 days for your new status to reflect. If you want to double confirm it will work, register and then click back to the page, following the instructions at the bottom of the page to double confirm your enrollment.Β 

Feature images courtesy of SLH and Das Posthotel, Austria.