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You want to fly business class- you don’t want to pay full price and you want to travel on virtually any date. Today, you can have it all. As we approach the quiet business travel season, airlines are ready to wheel and deal to keep their seats up front filled- and that’s great news if you have plans to visit Europe, or just want an awesome excursion between now and next July…

The Excellent Business Class Deals…

We get it – $1500+ dollars is a lot of money. Period. Especially, when round trips in economy can go for just $350. However, business class is magic, the miles you earn are equally marvelous and sometimes it’s fun to live a little. Delta, Lufthansa, American and British Airways have launched incredible fares to Frankfurt or Zurich- round trip from New York. There are also hot deals, from other cities- for just a bit more. Like Boston to Paris for $1871 round trip on Air Canada.

The Dates You Can Jet Off In Style…

These deals are widely available for Monday-Wednesday departures from October 2017-July 2018, even during peak holiday times. Basically, if you can jet off between Monday and Wednesday you can save a fortune on business class, while heading to the magic of Europe. The easiest way to pull up these deals is to use Google Flights, which shows you an entire calendar month of availability at a time…

How To Book These Excellent Deals…

The standard price for these deals is $1735 with Delta, Lufthansa and most airlines. Excellent price, and worth going for- if that’s your thing. You can however do much better booking with British Airways, by combining a discount for using Visa cards “CARDOFFERU”, which you enter under “promo codes”, combined with the AARP members discount (anyone can be a member). The discount should work for almost any VISA card, giving you 10% off, and AARP saves $200 on any business fare. Basically, highly possible to shave this into the $1500’s or below- since the discounts can stack. Simply visit this link for Frankfurt or this link for Zurich ($100 more), which takes you to the deals on Google Flights, and then follow the steps in this post to look into the $200 AARP discount. Just play around with dates and enjoy Europe!

Hat Tip: Rubiba on Flyertalk. You could’ve found this deal yourself, following these tips.

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