Nope- this isn’t one of those deals where you get so many fees tacked on, you end up paying hundreds more. This deal is a bonafide bargain: with checked bag, seat assignment and all the other goodies like on board meals and drinks. Has there ever been a better time to visit Zurich? At this price- definitely not!

The Incredible Economy Deals To Zurich…

American Airlines and Icelandair are both undercutting each other at every turn. We thought we’d seen rock bottom when American launched $350 round trip fares- and then Icelandair went and took another 30 bucks off. With the savings, for just $28 more ($348) you can build in a multi day stopover in Iceland in either direction on the way, if you want to make a two in one trip! These are stunning deals to two of the best cities in Europe.

The Dates You Can Jet Off To Europe For $320-$350 Round Trip!

The $320 Icelandair deal is available from January 2018- March 2018. The $350 American Airlines deal is available from September 10 2017- October 2017, before returning again from January 2018 – March 2018.  To book a stopover, simply search multi city.

How To Book These Deals And Enjoy Switzerland…

Easy. Follow this Google Flights link for the Icelandair $320 deal OR this link for the $350 American Airlines deal. In both cases you can book direct with the airline. As we mentioned – the Icelandair deal allows for a multi day stopover in Iceland for just $28. Simply change your Google Flights search from “round trip” to “multi city” and change to NYC-KEF for the first segment, and then KEF to ZRH for the second. You can do the same on the return, or just fly on through. Enjoy!