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The best things in life are things that money simply cannot buy. Scratch that- the best things in life are exclusive experiences, which you can pay for using points. Yeah, that sounds better. Amex is taking their Membership Rewards program to new heights, offering exclusive access to the world renowned events of 2017 – and you can even use points to pay for them.

Much like Chase, Starwood and Marriott – American Express will now offer it’s members a chance to put their points toward a diverse collection of lifestyle experiences– like concerts, culinary or sporting events, with insider access among the major perks. From August 10th – September 28th, members receive access to limited time offers at the most sought after events and with the ability to pay with points, the best things in life could truly become free.

This summer, American Express Membership Rewards (members) can use their points for tickets to Hamilton, Paul McCartney, bespoke cocktail classes with masters mixologists, tennis lessons with current professional US Open players – and much more. Many of the experiences are date specific, so it’s definitely worth heading to the landing page highlighting all the experiences, to see when they go on sale. Hamilton, for instance, goes on sale at noon EST on August 15th.

With credit card competition at an all time high, this is an exciting move from American Express. Membership Rewards points are already amongst the most valuable points currencies, and with increased flexibility and exciting new opportunity to use them, there’s more and more value. Of course, using your points for these experiences may not technically be “maximization”– it’s hard to compare priceless experiences and cents per point. You gotta live a little bit, right?