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Talk about a photo op. Zigzagging near the Southern Pole, more than 30,000 feet in the air, venturing into the untouched at 66 degrees south, an Air New Zealand charter plane flies with only one mission. That mission:Β to find incredible views of the Southern Lights (yes, just like the Northern Lights), get every single person onboard an iconic photo, view and go find more.

Air New Zealand in conjunction with Dr. Ian Griffin, the Director of the Otago Museum in New Zealand (don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either), created the ultimate thrill ride for nature and aviation geeks. The charter flight, which sold seats for $2800 (Β£2200) offered enthusiasts an exclusive “hunt” for aerial views of the awe inspiring lights. The flight was deliberately under capacity, so that every enthusiast onboard could receive a window view of one of the wildest mysteries in nature, the Aurora Australis. Griffin took to Twitter with incredible photo content documenting the flight, even using FlightRadar24 to note their wacky positions!

The Southern Lights, much like their more pop culture and fabled Northern Lights are an incredible natural light show caused by particles from the sun entering Earth’s atmosphere and colliding with gases on earth. They’re only visible near the magnetic poles which bookend the Northern and Southern parts of our planet. This flight was an amazing culmination of research into spotting locations and skilled pilots who absolutely dazzled their guests with views few humans on earth can understand. In case you’d like to join, there are already talks of many more flights….