Good morning from Vancouver Airport where I’m currently en route to Los Angeles for 24 hours of fun in the sun, and by that I mean taking pictures and eating. There’s big news in travel today, and as always we’ve got everything you need to know. Devaluation? Video rant and savings? Begin!

New Uber Trouble. CEO On Tape Being… Not Very Nice.

Uber Ceo Travis Kalanick is not only contending with voracious stories of sexual discrimination at his multi billion dollar firm, he’s also now the face of the fire. The CEO was caught on driver cam arguing with a Uber driver over falling prices, showing very little compassion or interest when the driver mentioned struggles do to working in the program. It just doesn’t sit very well. Have a look over at Bloomberg to make your own conclusions

Singapore Airlines Devaluing Loyalty Program…

They just don’t quite make em’ like they used to!  Singapore Airlines, one of the friendliest frequent flyer programs, whose points you can create from Amex, Chase or Citi have just announced significant change to their loyalty program. They are cutting fuel surcharges on tickets using miles, but also removing the 15% discount for using miles online, which was applied against the advertised price using miles at booking. Essentially, you’ll now save up to $400 in fuel surcharges when booking a ticket with miles, but you’ll be paying about 10-20% more miles. ViewFromTheWing has full coverage.

25-50% Off Air France/KLM Flights Using Miles…

It’s the FIRST of the month and just like every other month that means discounts on Air France/KLM Flying Blue tickets using miles. Each month the program puts select routes all around the world on sale for people hoping to use miles. You’ll receive a 25-50% decrease in the amount of miles you need, and you can even book one way. For example, rather than the standard 62,500 miles, you’ll be able to fly one way in business class between Europe and North America. All the PROMOS can be found here