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No less than 25,000,000 people heard about, read about or saw GodSaveThePoints.com or me, Gilbert Ott, this year. That’s not a typo, that’s at least twenty five million people, pretty insane. To put that into perspective, Madison Square Garden, my hometown arena holds about 19,000 people. Watch out Billy Joel! What started just two short years ago has begun to blossom into something I love beyond my wildest imagination and it’s about time to take a moment and celebrate that.

This year we’ve been on: Good Morning America, BBC 1, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, ABC News, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Herald, IB Times, CNN, MSN, Yahoo, The Doctors (TV Show), Inside Edition and so many more without a publicist or PR budget. None of these mean more personally and professionally than when we’re featured on ViewFromTheWing.com, run by Gary Leff, who I’d argue is the best in the game. When I first started, like literally, had a blank template two years ago, I sent it to him with an email of admiration saying “Hey Gary, I’d love if you could check out my site and I’d love any tips”. Much to my surprise he responded the same day and really inspired me to get going. To this day, when he links to my site there’s no more gratifying feeling.

None of this happens without any of you who are reading this post. You are the reason that media outlets pay attention, that people get inspired and the site continues to grow. We, by the way, did manage to more than double (closer to triple) our traffic from our first year, reaching millions of people on the site alone! Thank you for your comments, for your messages, for reading, for sharing things with your friends, for tagging me in Instagram pictures from your travels and for finding value in what I write. I will always try to deliver the most actionable information in a way that anyone can understand, if they try. I sincerely apologize that I have lapsed on responding to many reader emails and requests. It’s something I take no pride in, wish I was better with and will try to be. If I miss you, email me again, it reflects terribly on me, but I do notice and will try. But by the way, do try to find the info first, it’s only fair, it’s free…

Where are things going? I’m excited to share that we’re working on a brand new layout for the site. We want to be able to deliver more content, more often and have it easily organized. I won’t share exactly how that will happen at the moment, but needless to say, there will be a reason to come back everyday, even if there’s only one section you’re interested in. We will continue to pursue things we find fascinating or hilarious, like taking a free private jet ride and showing our readers how to do the same, as many did. We’ll seek out the best new cabins, the worst experiences and share more personal insights this year. As more eyes began to watch the site, I became very insecure about throwing up personal opinion or something arbitrary as the first thing people see when they land on the page, it became a bit business like, but I will make things more personal again. Fear not.

Really, just thanks for being a part of the journey. Laura and I love it all. The internet may feel like an anonymous place, but since most of our comments and interactions happen on our Facebook page, I do associate faces and names with so many of you. I know who comments often, I know who reads almost every post, I know when it’s been a while since someone’s participated and I relish each and every opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my own dreams and drop the career I was tired of and make a life filled with wonderful adventure.


Gilbert  + Laura

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