Put that latte down. For the cost of just a couple latte’s these days (so sad), you can venture somewhere new and exciting by air! JetBlue, one of the most exciting and passenger friendly airlines in the US is offering a pretty nifty flash sale, with fares starting at just $25 one way..

Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

Airlines are full of surprises these days (for better and worse), but JetBlue are here with one for better. They’re offering an extensive nationwide sale for virtually every route they operate, dropping prices to “act fast” low prices. Some highlights include New York to Puerto Rico for $169 round trip, Vegas to Southern California for just $50 round trip and so much more, even including routes all the way across the country. These will sell out, and if you have travel you’re interested in or need to take you’ll be bummed next week if you pass, when prices triple.

The Dates You Can Book…

This is the perfect “I need to go somewhere before or after the New Year” sale. You can travel from December 7th to February 15th, with blackouts around the holiday and New Year. Basically, you have a week or so in December you can book, and a couple months from January to February to become the envy of your friends, jetting off somewhere nice.

How To Book, Where You Can Book, All That Stuff…

We just found New York to Turks and Caicos for $169 round trip and are now heading out. See ya! Just kidding, we wouldn’t leave you hanging. You need to use the promo code CELEBRATE for the best prices. Just head to JetBlue.com and enter your ideal destination and enter the promo code. If you need inspiration based on deals, head here or a full list of opportunities on JetBlue’s deal page. You’ll find everything you need to know and book right on the spot! Enjoy, oh,ย and send a postcard!