If you’ve been searching for the perfect stocking stuffer, there may be just the ticket, one which will fit with into any stocking, but sadly, very few budgets. La Compagnie, the upstart boutique airline flying between New York, Paris and London are offering an exclusive opportunity to jet set internationally on a daily basis, with unlimited business class travel for one year.

Aptly titled L’Unlimited, the $35,000 pass will turn the Atlantic Ocean into a small pond with unlimited flights which equate to $667 a week. Starting June 18th, the all business class boutique airline will sell ten such passes, allowing holders to travel between the US, Paris or London for one year in style. Unlimited. For someone traveling business class every week this could be seen as an incredible deal, saving on average $2500 per week. Even at one round trip every two weeks it is a bargain, especially when you account for the fact that you no longer need advanced planning. For just about anyone else, it’s a very very expensive hobby.

Pass or not, La Compagnie offer a unique way to traverse between Paris, London and New York, often selling business class at extremely tempting prices and are always worth a browse. You’ll find nearly flat beds, three course meals, lounges and a very pleasant experience, especially for those used to flying economy. We’ve reviewed it HERE. If you’ve been hoping to make the GodSaveThePoints.com Christmas list, this is an excellent opportunity to buy your way into our good graces. Thanks in advance.