In this episode of wow, science is cool, we find ourselves tapping away on our phone for longer thanks to new solar technology. Yep, that’s right, if you’ve ever worried about your phone dying while in transit you’re going to want to find that window seat..

B/E Aerospace, a top seat manufacturer and design firm, has patented a new technology which will convert light coming through airplane windows into solar power, offering charging capabilities for all. More selfies, more tweets, more Netflix, this is something to get excited about.

Aptly titled “Solar Eclipse” mini solar cells will be installed on the outside of the window blind, which will then convert the light into solar energy you can instantly tap into via a USB port on the window. The new shades are far lighter than current models, while also taking pressure off of the planes weighty (and finicky) electronics systems, offering a welcome back up, which some say could eventually power the entire plane itself.

There’s no install date yet, as the design is still being developed, but it’s patented and it will be hard to turn down as airlines aim to shed weight and cost. For now, sunlight is free and people love connectivity. It’s a win win.