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Though no one (at least that I know) can control the weather, there are a few things which will make your next flight and the flights after that into a much more pleasant experience. From earning points to relaxing, we’ve got you covered. These are five things every passenger should know…

You Can Earn Miles AFTER Your Flight, Even If You Forgot Beforehand Or DON’T Have An Account…

People (like me) are obsessed with frequent flyer miles. You don’t have to be a frequent traveler to earn them and even if you forget to before the flight, you can claim them afterward. Most airlines will let you register for a frequent flyer account after your flight and then submit a claim within 30-60 days (usually 30) to earn those miles you missed out on. They lead to free flights, so don’t miss out! Oh, and you can also earn miles from airlines you’re not even actually flying on. Pretty cool right?

Don’t Miss Deals! You Can Get A Full Refund On Most Bookings Within 24 Hours!

Unless you’ve been on safari without internet for the last year, you’ve probably seen some of the crazy flash deals that pop up. The problem is that most people panic, don’t quite know their dates and by the time they decide, the deal is gone. On most bookings, especially those coming to or leaving the US, you can get a full refund within 24 hours of buying your ticket. Full details for most airlines can be found HERE.

Airport Lounges Aren’t Just For Frequent Flyers + VIPS…

If you’ve been hit with one of the (many) cancellations, weather delays or just general airport chaos, you don’t have to suffer in the endlessly crowded sea of travelers. There are apps, memberships and instant purchase options for many great airport lounges around the world, most of which offer complimentary alcoholic beverages (they help), food and wifi. They usually have some comfy chairs and couches too. More on how to get in HERE.

Delays And Cancellations? You Have Rights (Which Can Mean Money Back)…

Did you know that in some places delays over three hours can mean hundreds of dollars back in your pocket? You still get to take your flight too! There are tons of rules which help protect passengers from airline mistreatment and not knowing about them is a sure fire way to get nothing! You can even claim your refund or compensation well after your flight has taken place, even up to six months later. Full details can be found HERE.

Bags Get Lost, Even Carry On’s Get Lost. Put An Itinerary In YOUR Bags…

What’s the difference between temporarily losing your bag and permanently losing your bag? Most of the time it’s putting a copy of your itinerary in your bag. Even carry on’s get lost, so if you want to see your best outfits for perfect travel pictures before your trip is over, or ever, make sure you put contact information and a copy of your itinerary in your bag, on top of your stuff in plain site.

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