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In this episode of good airline bad airline, we have a naughty frequent flyer program which has just pulled a fast one, another one that’s offering fast options to reach elite status and double miles, a new conundrum for Uber rides and more. Here’s the travel news you need today…

Southwest Pulls No Notice Devaluation…

There is nothing scarier in travel loyalty than no notice devaluation. It means that a company cares so little about your loyalty, they’re willing to yank any perks or standards at will, without warning. That sets an extremely s***ty precedent. Southwest has devalued this week, without notice, bringing the new lowest rate for rewards to 72 points per dollar. That’s up from 70, which was only recently raised from 60. Essentially, a ticket that used to require about 15,000 points will now in most cases require 16,000 or more points, generally more. It’s not so much the points that hurt but the no notice, and yes, the points hurt too.

Virgin Atlantic Double Tier Points + Miles…

Virgin Atlantic is offering good news for those on both sides of the pond (UK+US). For Premium Economy and Upper Class fares, even discount fares, you can earn double tier points now and September 1st, 2016. All you need to do to become eligible is REGISTER HERE. Essentially, you’ll earn double miles and either two extra tier points per segment in Premium and three per segment in Upper Class. Great opportunity (especially if you know how to book online from other European destinations to knock the price down).

Uber Now Allows Drivers To Solicit Tips…

Uber now allows tipping as official policy. This means drivers can solicit tips, and in effect, if you do not tip, they could theoretically give you a lower passenger rating. While I am entirely on board for the advancement of every hard working person on earth, I find tipping incredibly awkward. I would happily just have a standard gratuity deducted without thought as part of my ride total, but the idea of ponying up cash terrifies me. Hopefully there’s a streamlined solution.

Trick To Upgrade To Europe Or Asia…

Viewfromthewing points out an amazing trick to wind up in business class almost every time on a premium economy budget. Singapore Airlines have now made premium economy a part of the upgrade mix and most interestingly that means you can book one of their Premium Economy fares and use a very reasonable number of miles to upgrade to their award winning business class without a copay! I’ll cover this in more depth on the site but check out the example on Viewfromthewing HERE for a great rundown of possibilities, with premium economy fares starting just around $1000 round trip!

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