Do you enjoy unlimited free drinks (within reason) on planes, waived change and cancellation fees, two free checked bags, priority security and priority boarding? Good, then this is for you. With Virgin America on the move, the market for air travel in the US is wildly competitive and to keep up with the times, JetBlue are offering two ways to gain their highest tier status in the form of a status match for current elite flyers and a challenge for any flyer…

The Match

JetBlue are matching elite members from Virgin America, Delta, United, American, Emirates, Alaska and Southwest. If you currently hold elite status with any of these programs (even if you got it from another match), you can receive instant complimentary “Mosaic” top tier status with JetBlue, snagging all the benefits listed above, without losing any of your current benefits with your current airline. You get both.

The Challenge

Even if you don’t have a fancy status attached to your name and consider yourself an ordinary traveler, you can become an elite flier with a fraction of the work usually required. Basically, you get 3 points for every dollar spent on JetBlue, and you’ll need to earn 3,750 points in three months. Translation? You’ll need to spend around $1,275 in three months to achieve Mosaic status. It’s not for everyone, but if you find yourself taking a monthly flight, or one flight in JetBlue’s “Mint” business class, you’ll be right there.

Ok, How Do I Match Or Challenge?

All you’ll need to do is visit THIS page to submit your details for either the match or challenge. If you match, your status is granted until the end of 2016 and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the status challenge to extend your status through 2017. Easy.

Any Tips?

Yeah! This promotion is theoretically open for sign ups until May 31st, so you’ll want to wait to register until you have your most busy planned travel ahead. If you already have status with another airline and just want status for the year, don’t hesitate, submit immediately to begin enjoying your benefits. Once you secure this status, don’t be afraid to then match it to other airlines. You can never have enough free elite status!