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Some list are full of surprises, others not so much. If you’ve a five star sleeper, you’re going to need to pack at least four figures into your suitcase for more than a couple nights in these cities, comprised of the most famous and sought after places on earth. There aren’t too many surprises here…

1. Geneva, Switzerland $622

You’re going to need an impressive Swiss bank account for a luxury stay in Geneva.

2. Miami, USA $582

A picture is worth a thousand words, and if you want one from a five star hotel, you’ll need about the same in dollars. 

3. Los Angeles, USA $430

If you want to rub elbows with Hollywood glamour, you’re going to need to rub together quite a bit of change…

4. Edinburgh, UK $428

You’re going to need a black card to have some black pudding in a luxury Edinburgh hotel…

5. Milan, Italy $422

Say Ciao to whatever is in your hand made Italian wallet, style may be everywhere here, but it’s not cheap!

6. Tokyo, Japan $422

If you think $422 sounds bad, wait until you see your bill for 48,000 Yen! Hey, when in Tokyo…

7. New York, USA $393

Fuggedabout’ a bargain, for a stay in the city of empires, you’re going to need to build one first…

8. Hong Kong, HK $391

In a city renowned for great tailored suits, you might need to sell your clothes to find a luxurious night’s sleep…

9. London, UK $334

You’ll need a queens ransom for a top notch London stay, God Save The… Points?!

10. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia $328

If you’d prefer a five star hotel to a Riad in Riyadh, you’ll want to strike oil first…

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