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Oh my goodness. There’s a successor to the Concorde, faster and more beautiful than ever, bringing supersonic travel into the 21st century. It’s not just an idea, it’s a clear vision into the future, ringing in the return of Mach 2+ travel, bringing New York and London just a mere 3 hours in change apart. Hello supersonic future…

Made of carbon fiber composites, Boom Technology, a firm founded by pilots, engineers and physicists, have designed the first legitimate successor to the Concorde, and less than a week since its unveiling, Virgin and Virgin Galactic placed letters of intent for orders on ten planes. It gets better. Virgin Galactic will assist in the development and testing of the new planes, combining resources to bring this marvel to market in 2020. Yes, we may actually live to see it fly, and better yet, fly on it, at just traditional business class prices. 

The supersonic jet will hold 40 passengers, in a business class style layout, a feature noticeably absent on the previous supersonic marvel, the Concorde, with offerings estimated to run $5,000 round trip. It’s 2.6x faster than any other commercial airliner in the air, traveling at 1,451 miles per hour, with a range that will shrink the globe, while allowing for same day departure and return from the the US to Europe or Asia, amongst other similar long haul journeys. That’s a business travel game changer.

Boom will launch a 1/3 scale test plane in 2017, with hopes to have the real thing flying by 2020. Though the world now demands quieter, more efficient planes, this new prototype aims to deliver supersonic speed without bursting the sound bubble, at least not near airports. It’s a marvel and I want it now. Need any test passengers?!

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