We love points, we love travel, we love miles, we love bonuses, and we love being able to book easily. Here’s a round up of the most important new travel developments of the week…

Tons Of British Airways Availability To Cape Town

British Airways are launching their seasonal new route to London Gatwick to Cape Town beginning November 24th, running through the winter season (summer down there). It’s a brand new flight and is now bookable, and there is tons of direct availability. No first class, but plenty of business, premium and economy. Get it while it’s new, and available. 

Marriott Cash + Points Launches

Marriott has officially launched their cash + points offering, giving travelers more flexibility to grab some savings using points, while contributing some cash to save some points in the process. Unlike airline tickets, these can be very good deals. 

British Airways Double Miles Bonus To New York

British Airways is offering double miles for all flights to New York. You’ll need to register first HERE, but no matter what cabin you’re flying in, you’ll receive double base miles. That’s pretty fantastic and could lead to some very lucrative bonuses.

Hilton Selling Points For Cheap

Hilton is having a large points sale through April 1st. If you’ve been looking to top off and get closer to becoming a Hilton points millionaire, this is a solid opportunity, offering an 80% bonus on the amount of points you receive, up to 144,000. As always, only buy points if you have specific uses for them, where you know you can save yourself money. 

Amazing JetBlue Landing Without Nose Gear

A JetBlue flight to Nassau, Bahamas could not deploy it’s forward landing gear, yet still managed to land. My hat goes off to the pilot for an incredible landing, balancing the plane on just the rear wheels as it rolled down the runway to safety.