If you’re not scared, you’re not human. The atrocious, cowardly acts in Brussels brought such sadness to the world on Tuesday, March 22nd, a hole we will never fill, and my thoughts are with everyone affected. We’re living in a brave new world, but despite barbaric acts, we must travel, we must live. 

Radicals hate a way of life they could never comprehend or achieve. We travel, speak, dress and love freely, accept culture, adapt to change and we gain knowledge through understanding. It’s our ability to do this that makes us great. There are plenty of famous “travel broadens the mind” sayings, and they are all true. 

Travel is a culture of love and knowledge. It’s an eternal quest to feel the sand of Thailand, taste the paella in Spain, have a croissant in France, experience Rio from Christ The Redeemer, cross the Berlin Wall, see the Great Wall, hail a cab in New York City, it’s never ending. My point is we must travel, we must not be afraid, we must seek the happiness and passion that travel brings. Always. 

Be smart, be safe, but no matter what, keep traveling. Fear is the motivating force behind the cowardice of terrorism, and we simply cannot let fear win. We wouldn’t be the same. Go to Belgium, go to France, go everywhere and smile. Learn, live, travel and love.