At the very least, Twitter is extremely amusing. When it comes to travel, it’s also one of the most efficient ways to communicate. Whereas phones limit airlines to handling on person at a time, Twitter allows airlines to send snappy little comments, and yes, help, to many. But how good are they?

The Quickest Airlines To Respond

When it comes to help, time is of the essence. Volaris, JetBlue, Etihad, Kenyan and Virgin Atlantic are your best bets for timely help or feedback. I always recommend using Twitter to reach airlines, it’s often faster than waiting in line on the phone and requires less of your personal time. It’s brilliant when you’re on a flight with wifi!

The Things We Tweet At Airlines Most…

I am shocked and impressed that Thank You’s are the most common tweets! I do at the same time love that more people use profanity at airlines more than they mention weather or seats, the two thins every passenger encounters. Fairly terrifying about the lost luggage statistic!

Airlines That Feel For You Most…

It’s hard to decipher whether sympathetic or empathetic tweets imply that the airline did something wrong, or if they are just nice. Regardless, American, EasyJet, Flybe, Virgin America and JetStar offered the highest percentage of empathetic tweets to their customers.

People Complain Most During Holidays

Not surprisingly, airline twitter interactions spike during peak travel times. I can’t imagine how much fun it is to have thousands of people shouting obscenities at you over the internet during the Christmas season!