The cost of a nights stay in a first world hotel, two dinners including a bottle of wine, an airport transfer, two public transportation passes, a postage stamp, a phone call, a paper back book and a rental car. That’s a very logical way of calculating the cost of traveling. Thanks to a UBS study, I also didn’t have to spend years of my life crunching the numbers. Here are the ten most expensive places to travel…

10. Dubai $790

9. Helsinki $800

8. Taipei $820

7. Munich $830

6. Paris $890

5. Oslo $980

4. Tokyo $1000

3. Geneva $1020

2. New York City $1030

1. Zurich $1050

Notably Absent…

If you were wondering where Doha, London, Miami or Copenhagen were, they came up just short on price, bringing positions 15-10. Better luck next year! Or not…