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Ryanair is known for quite a few things, some of which I hope last forever, and above all others, they’re known for low fares, tight seats, fantastic on time records and gaudy color schemes. If you could come up with an exact antithesis of Ryanair, it would be a private jet, and perhaps for that exact reason, that’s exactly where they’re going…

Ryanair has kitted out one of it’s famous Boeing 737’s, turning it into a customizable 60 seat corporate jet, available for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, christenings and primary school dances. All jokes aside, the private jet aims to compete for group travel needs, ranging from corporate travel to luxury tours, professional sports teams and political groups, offering a fully bespoke experience. According to the airline, you’ll have full flexibility on a jet with over six hours of range and access to fine dining catering coordination. Who knew?! Unlike some private jets for the rich and famous, you won’t find any bedrooms, dining tables or gold and wood accents, but you will find a functional, spacious environment, complete of course with Ryanair’s branding, don’t worry, that’s just on the outside.

Yes, I have up until this point turned this exciting news into a mockery, but there’s real merit to the move. Group, corporate and VIP travel makes a substantial subset of the air travel industry, not to mention some of the highest markup. Ryanair pledges to offer pricing models similar to their commercial flights, undercutting competitors, whose Boeing 737 corporate jets fetch more than $24,000 an hour. Let’s say Ryanair undercuts their competitors majorly, offering 60 seats at $15,000 an hour, that’s only $250 per person. There ya go, even with private jets, Ryanair is trying to save you money…

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