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Looking around an airplane cabin, you’ll likely see some people not too unlike yourself, some that are straight up terrifying, and some you’d rather not ever see again, let alone sit next to. Wouldn’t it be fun to know the things that each and every one of them thinks about you, the airline and travel deal breakers in general? There’s a study for that…

Passengers Hate These Airline Moves

Losing Your Luggage 88%

Is there anything worse?! 88% of passengers surveyed mentioned that an airline losing or delaying their luggage is the worst of all airline moves. The highest common complaint in the study.

Hidden Fees + Cancelled Flights 80%

Hours of wasted time and money. In a virtual tie, 80% of passengers think that hidden fees and cancelled flights are the next level of commercial travel hell. I’m with you on the cancelled flights!

Unclean Bathrooms + Baggage Fees 70%

With 70% of people mentioning a hatred for unclean lavatories and baggage fees, it’s a dead heat for yet another massive travel pain in the a**. I hate both and do my best to travel light or have airline status or a credit card which comps my bags….

Unfriendly Flight Crews 65%

With so many more pressing travel problems, only 65% of surveyed passengers mentioned a hatred for unfriendly, rude or uninterested flight crews. This issue gets 100% of my attention. If it’s your job to care for passengers, this is a pretty basic tenet. 

Uncomfortable Seats, Delayed Flights, Legroom… 55%

Another surprise here, with less than 55% of the travel group complaining about legroom, seats or delayed flights. Haven’t we all experienced these? This would be far higher on my list!

Passengers HATE These Passenger Moves

Bad Hygiene 45%

If you haven’t glanced at the flow of passengers walking down the aisle, picking out the ones you hope are NOT going to sit next to you, you’re a better person than I am. 45% of passengers hate sitting next to someone with bad hygiene, so please, for the sake of us all, buy some duty free cologne, perfume and or mouth wash.

Kicking The Seat 40%

There’s nothing like dozing off to the hum of Rolls Royce jet engines, only to have the lovely specimen of humanity kick the back of your seat, waking you, reminding you that you are in a tin can, surrounded by strangers. 40% of passengers hate having their seat kicked, the most hated of all passenger behavior…

Being Drunk + Chatty Neighbor 35%

Cool story, please never tell it again! No one likes a drunk, and to take it to the next level of punchable, no one likes a chatty drunk. 35% of travelers find drunk or chatty behavior the most frustrating thing in commercial air travel. 

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