At t-minus 24-72 hours, the race for flight happiness begins. For most travelers, 24 hours signals the first time that one can select a seat without a fee. That means the best seats are up for grabs, and those that don’t happen to have a free moment, exactly when the 24 hour window hits, miss out. Damn. Well, never again thanks to…

I want to be as close to the front of the cabin and I want a window seat. I also hate filling out the forms and details necessary to check in. Am I right? After registering for free, all details for check in and flight preferences are stored, allowing the site to manage your itinerary, checking you in within a minute of the check in window opening. They’ll even send you an email or text with your boarding pass or mobile boarding pass. Incredible. The site, designed by the savvy Lufthansa tech department, supports over 100 airlines and counting. Time saved. I’m sure you have questions, fortunately, they have answers

This is an absolutely brilliant free tool for travelers. Though there is a certain excitement to checking in for a flight, I’d be more than happy for a clever app to fill out all of those forms, click all the buttons and issue my boarding pass. It saves time, it’s free, what’s not to like?

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