WOW Air is in the business of wowing customers, perhaps not with their legroom, but certainly with their prices. I am literally wowed by £34 flights from London to Iceland and $99 flights from the US to Iceland. Now to the nitty gritty, so you can score one of these amazing deals…

The Deal

WOW Air are offering a wowing (dare me to say it again?) promotion from both sides of the pond to Iceland and beyond. Yes, there really and truly are £34 fares, and $99 flights from the US. The fares shown have a minimum of two seats on every flight, allowing real opportunities on every calendar day to score an incredible deal.

The Dates

There are dates throughout the year, with the best fares seemingly centered around March, April, May, September, October, November and December. You’ll want to visit your local version of the deal on the WOW Air website. UK Version. US Version.


You’ll book directly on the WOW Air site. They make the deals extremely easy to see, so just venturing to the homepage, you’ll find the best offers all side by side. UK Version. US Version.

Expert Tips

All these flights allow a free stopover in Iceland or Iceland as the final destination. For a bit more money you’d be able to score a very cheap round trip to the US or Europe, with the flight broken up nicely, making the economy journey even more attractive with two shorter flights. If you’ve wanted to see Iceland and the US or Europe, this is surely the cheapest ticket you’ll find. These fares do not include checked baggage, so do your best to travel light. Wear your coat on the plane!