If you haven’t been greeted already, let me be the first to welcome you into March. The first of the month is more than a page turner in travel land; it marks a new set of deals and destinations for some of the best values in points and miles, discounted “free flights” on Air France, KLM and Lufthansa, requiring as little as half the usual miles needed for flights all around the world…


Lufthansa is the most overlooked program for promotional mileage “free flight” rates. They regularly halve the number of miles required for business class all around the world, requiring just 55,000 miles for round trip business. Full details HERE. Highlights include…

50% OFF Business Class

55,000 Round Trip Washington DC To Most Of Europe (London, Paris, Frankfurt) + Vice Versa.

70,000 Round Trip Europe (London, Paris, Berlin, Athens + More) to Hong Kong + Vice Versa.

40,000 Round Trip Europe To Middle East/Africa + Vice Versa.

Air France/KLM Flying Blue

Air France have gotten a bit stingier with their promo awards, but fear not, there are still some victories. You can check out all the deals HERE, but some highlights include…

25-50% OFF Business Class

100,000 Round Trip Europe to Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam + Vice Versa.

50,000 Round Trip Europe to Doha + Vice Versa.

93,750 Round Trip Europe to Mexico City, Mexico + Vice Versa.

25-50% Off Economy

20,000 Round Trip Europe to Dubai + Vice Versa.

80,000 Premium Economy Round Trip Europe to Bangkok + Vice Versa.

40,000 Round Trip Europe to Chengdu, China + Vice Versa.

Expert Tips

All of these awards are bookable in either direction and can be booked one way. It’s a wonderful opportunity to turn a relatively small stack of miles into a great trip. With most promo awards, reservations are final so make sure you lock in dates you know you can take before booking. Happy travels.