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For many people, flying first class is a once in a lifetime experience. Flying an apartment in the sky, is an experience many people can’t even begin to fathom, let alone expect. American Airlines devaluation of their mileage program takes place on March 22nd, ending one of the great loopholes in frequent flyer mile land, where you can use American Airlines miles to book tickets on Etihad’s stunning first class apartment, for $1932 round trip…  

The Deal

American Airlines is running yet another sale on buying their miles. You can use the miles you buy with American Airlines to fly on their partner, Etihad. The cost to buy the 80,000 miles needed for a round trip between London and Abu Dhabi, or any shorter flight which the Etihad A380 takes, is $1932, tax is included. You’ll need an American Airlines account open for 30 days to buy the miles, which of course following all my previous advice, you already have. Once you find availability, using the advice below, you buy the miles HERE

Finding Availability

To find availability at the 40,000 mile rate, which American Airlines mileage holders are entitled to, you’ll need to search on Etihad’s website for “Guest Seat” space (pictured above). The miles required for Guest Seat space will appear higher on the Etihad site, because Etihad’s own frequent flyer program charges far more miles for the same flights. The American Airlines price is 40,000 miles each way. It’s a great travel hack. For full details and screenshots on finding availability, go HERE.

Booking The Amazing Flight

American Airlines devalues it’s miles on March 2nd. That means the same flight will require much more than 40,000 miles each way IF you book ON or AFTER March 22nd. To take advantage of this great deal, you’ll need to find space, and book before March 22nd, BUT you can fly anytime up to a calendar year from March 22nd, as long as you book before… yes, March 22nd. American has been finicky with booking these flights. When you call American Airlines and ask to book, they may say they don’t see the space that you do. In this case, call their Australian line, which never seems to have trouble seeing the space.

Why This Might Be FUN

This is a purely luxurious experience. Business class tickets on the same route are often more expensive, and you’re trading business for an insane first for just £1392 or $1932. Being able to take in an apartment on a plane, while receiving true first class pampering is an incredible experience, and at this price, available for a limited time to mere mortals like me, and perhaps you.  If you find the space, confirm you can book it. Buy the miles. Book. Enjoy.

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