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Filed in the “this makes no sense” category, the cheapest way to fly around the USA, using miles, is to use British Airways miles. Yes, as strange as it is, an airline with no internal fights within the US offers the best possible way to travel on points, utilizing flights on their partner American Airlines to create this amazing opportunity. The window for these dirt cheap uses of miles closes PERMANENTLY tomorrow. 

As of of February 2nd, the 4,500 mile rates, which are offered on flights that are less than 651 miles will jump to 7,500 miles each way. You’re probably wondering what flights apply to this category. On the East Coast, New York to Montreal, Toronto, Washington DC, Boston and vice versa all fit in. On the West Coast flights like Los Angeles to San Francisco, Las Vegas and many more fit the bill. Essentially, this is and was an amazing opportunity to open jaw or see two cities, using a minimal amount of points. 

My advice couldn’t be simpler. If you have the need for a short flight in the US within the next 355 days, have British Airways miles, Chase points or Amex points, which can transfer into British Airways points, consider booking those flights today. At just 4,500 points it’s hard to argue with the value or the added travel that one of these flights could bring. Hop in before this unique value disappears into flying history.