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I’ve read the “drunk passenger” headline quite a few times. The sentences that follow are usually along the lines of some tragic drunk passenger taking their pants off, being aggressive, causing a flight diversion or being duct taped to a seat. This week the tables have turned, as we have instances of drunk pilots, flights diverting because of bad crews and the very serious reminder that turbulence is a very real, very dangerous thing…

Drunk Pilot Flew With .142 Alcohol Level

ViewFromTheWing highlighted an incredible story of an Alaska Airlines pilot who blew a .142, after a “random” drug and alcohol test directly following two flights in which he was the commanding officer. Yes, that means he flew a plane full of passengers completely loaded, over double the limit for driving a car, let alone a ^^^^ plane. The pilot immediately retired and was removed from service. Oh, and this week, a mere 18 months later, he was finally arrested and charged with the felony of piloting a passenger plane under the influence. I can’t believe he nearly got away scot free. 

Unruly Flight Crew Causes Diversion

On January 22nd, a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis diverted to Salt Lake City because of the “poorly behaved” flight crew. The pilots apparently lost all faith in the safety of the passengers and the crews ability to perform their duties and requested the emergency diversion. Delta sent three employees from the flight home before continuing on with a replacement crew. I suspect there was some alcohol involved here. I have the highest respect for flight crews, but I have ZERO respect for party crews who come on board too drunk to work, or too hungover to be courteous. It’s a job…

Turbulence Injures Seven

Take this as a very important reminder that no matter how cool you are, how big your seat is, or how drunk you are, you need to wear your seatbelt whenever you are seated and obey crew member instructions. When the seatbelt sign is on, it’s often for a reason. In what feels like a weekly occurrence, seven people were taken to hospital after severe turbulence hit an American Airlines flight from Miami to Milan. Of those taken to hospital, there was a mix of crew and passengers, all with moderate injuries, but none life threatening. If your seat is buckled turbulence isn’t a big deal. If it’s not, you can literally hit the roof of the plane. Be careful….

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