Looking at the state of pop culture these days, I’m not so sure children are our future. In flight wifi, however, certainly is. While some prefer to disconnect from the world on flight, including myself from time to time, the option of connectivity and productivity is very welcome. Swiss Airlines are receiving their first Boeing 777 this week and not only will the wifi be lightning fast, you’ll be able to make calls too. But is that a good idea?

Those headphones might become even handier than you thought. Productivity is hugely important to many companies who shell out for the majority of airline tickets. Turning down time or flight time into time clearing out the inbox or preparing documents is time well spent. It’s one of the reasons people care about business and first class. It got its name for a reason. One bit of productivity that may land me in jail, is if I find my seat mate on an hour long sales pitch while I’m trying to sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. 

What’s interesting is that this move is in stark contrast to many airlines, who go as far as to ban cell receptors and calling apps to keep people from making this exact move. Imagine all the noise! According to Australian Business Traveler, the trial will supposedly last a year, with blackout periods during sleep time. Thank god for that. Apparently, it was high on customer “wants” and merited a trial. 


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