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Who has the time to keep up with these things?! I’ll slowly raise my hand. In recent months we’ve seen a significant jumbling of the worlds longest flights, with no shortage of speculation into the future and a shift in the status quo. The big players like Singapore want direct flights from New York to Singapore, Qantas wants direct from London to Australia. For now, it’s all talk. Continuing that notion, it sounds like Qatar Airways plans to launch the two longest flights in the world…

Qatar wants to launch nonstop service from Doha to Auckland, New Zealand and Doha to Santiago, Chile. Though these routes make far greater sense as continued service on their current routes to Australia or Brazil, it’s possible that they really mean non stop. These flights would be no small feat. The routes would quickly become the longest in the world, trumping the current bread winner, Qantas’ Sydney to Dallas flight, operated by an Airbus A380, by roughly 500 miles. Is it for real? It’s very hard to tell. Emirates ALMOST claimed the trophy for worlds new longest flight with their Dubai to Panama City service, before bowing out; or at the very least, delaying, less than two months before the first planned service. No medal for thinking about it…

Qatar, if given approval, plans to operate these routes with its long range 777-200LR aircraft. The current champ for super long range travel. These planes feature the weakest of Qatar’s business class seats, creating a less than optimal market position on a journey of over 18 hours. Essentially, it’s hard to make sense of the move as things stand. Worse, the airline plans to add yet another seat in each row across economy on these birds. Hardly passenger friendly on the world’s longest flights. They assure us you wont notice

It’s not all “more” long flights and bad news. There is talk that this aircraft, perhaps on these routes, would be the launch for Qatar’s “Business Studio”, the first double bed in business class. The product is tipped to be the best business class ever created with complete privacy, the widest bed and technological marvels. This claim of course comes from Qatar Airways who are yet to release a single photo or concept shot of the new darling. For anyone whom these routes would benefit, let’s hope that they get around to it. I’m guessing 2018…

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