Valentines Day. I’m married and I still think it’s one of the most moronic “holidays” ever created, where people who should be nice and romantic to each other every day, make a once annual effort. For single people, watching all the sappiness of Valentines Day sucks too. Emirates is trying to cash in on the holiday by offering “Valentines Day fares”. The best news is that you don’t need to use them on Valentines Day, you just need to book them before it…

The Deal

Emirates are offering two day promotional fares for people traveling together. Anyone booking two seats can grab round trip economy for $449, round trip business for $1999 or first for around $3900 per person. It’s a great deal on a great seat in any cabin, on a state of the art A380. Emirates is known for luxurious service and this is a great way to get to the romantic settings of Italy. With the savings on flights you can take full advantage of your stay.

The Dates

These fares must be booked before the end of January 27th, 2016 and are valid for travel from February 1st until November 30th, essentially giving you a wide range of dates. You must finish all your travel by December 12th, 2016. 


You can check out the Emirates Promotion Page here. You’ll book this directly with them, making for an easy experience. Find dates where the fares are available at the best rate, for two people and book. 

Expert Tips

This is a fantastic economy fare, especially for those hoping to hedge costs on travel during the more peak summer and fall periods. You don’t have to travel around Valentines day. Thank goodness for that. If you feel like stretching the bank, Emirates has one of the best business class experiences available, with a bar on board. Enjoy.


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