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What are you going to talk about when you’re older? Shoes? iPads? Sweaters? Travel. You know what’s more fun than that expensive spin class? Biking the rolling hills of Tuscany or tracing the Tour de France. Few things I own are worth what I paid for them. My memories of playing cowboy in Mexico, watching the sunset over Copacabana Beach in Rio or having strawberries and cream in London however, are more meaningful and vivid now than ever before. Maybe it’s the creative side of the brain, maybe it’s a desire to experience the best the world has to offer or maybe I am just crazy. Regardless, I think travel is the single greatest gift you can give yourself and others, and without a doubt, the best way to spend money… and be less boring.

How are those shoes from “last season” doing? Still giving you the same joy? Don’t get me wrong, I love a big T.V., comfy couch and all of the necessities (and I like clothes too). I am just fascinated that many of those with the means (or miles) to travel, don’t. I have an insatiable desire to experience the world’s cultures at their best. Tea in London, sushi in Tokyo, steak in Argentina, these are quintessential experiences. I will never go through life “wondering” how stunning the view of Cape Town is from Table Mountain, how the Chinese food tastes in China or if pizza really is better in New York. Spending money on travel versus goods is as simple as comparing short term satisfaction to life long memories. With loyalty programs. points, miles and clever tricks, it doesn’t even have to cost an arm and a leg….

On slow days, travel memories are the next best thing to actually teleporting. Experiences cannot be taken away, nor can they be compared or properly valued, if anything, they gain value. Memories aside, travel opens up doors, understanding and knowledge. You might find your favorite new language or phrase, understand your neighbor, discover a new cooking technique or make a life long friendship. Either way, you will have stories and be less boring! Still on Amazon looking at outfits for your poor dog? 

We are living in a material world and that will not change. What has changed are the tools available to create savvy travelers. Travel is cheaper and easier now than ever before. I am thrilled to consider myself and this blog a part of that swiss army knife. Everyday there are deals where you can see a near or far off part of the world for less than you paid for that cheesy looking shirt or those spin classes. On top of that, there are opportunities to turn every day consumer habits into free travel using points and miles. Free or not, I spend my money on travel. What are you going to talk about when you’re older? Shoes? iPads? See you in the sky. 

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