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There are some things in life you just wish that you could take back. The information that came forward from a recent “Whisper” chat, where hotel employees anonymously made anonymous confessions about the “tricks of the trade”, is certainly one piece of knowledge I wish I could take back. Here are a few of the most shocking revelations. Next time I check into a hotel, I think I may just ask that they change the sheets before my own eyes…

Sometimes They Don’t Change Sheets…

Quite a few hotel workers dropped what is arguably the most disgusting first world travel ball. Many maids mentioned using a lint roller to remove any obvious hairs from the sheets, and minus the presence of a wine stain or something obvious, they would just fluff the pillows and make the bed with the same disgusting sheets slept in by someone else. Horrifying. 

If Hotel Check In Agent Doesn’t Like You, They Give You A Terrible Room

Plenty of hotel check in clerks chimed in to let the world know just how much power they have, despite the fact that they love to say they don’t when you’re face to face with them at a property. Many check in staff mentioned purposely downgrading or selecting the worst room in the category for someone they perceive as rude. No matter how long your exhausting flight and lugging all your bags into the hotel is, I guess we need to put on some make up and smile. 

Room Service Waiters Steal Your Food

Why pay for lunch when you can just steal nibbles off of every plate that gets sent up? Good thing champagne has a cork, otherwise there might be a few bubbles missing. Many room service porters and waiters say they blatantly steal food, bread, whatever else might go fairly unnoticed off a room service plate. Why? If I catch someone doing it to my plate, I’ll be sure to find out when I dangle them off the balcony. 

Even If Sheets Get Changed, Blankets NEVER Do

Tons of hotel cleaning staff chimed in to say that blankets or throws used in rooms virtually never ever get cleaned. Some have an annual cleaning date. Yes, annual. I’d think twice before throwing it over you next time you are cold. If not for a fear of what’s touched it, but just for all the dust it must collect. Seriously?!

Well, I for one, am truly ^^^^ disgusted. I also assume this might be the most angry you’ve ever been while reading this blog. Sorry. I just can’t believe that people get by while committing this level of foul play. My recourse? Well, I’d like the chef to take a selfie with my room service when it leaves the kitchen so I can compare, I’d like to watch a maid change my bed in front of my eyes, and I’d like a blanket unwrapped from original plastic to be unfolded before me, I’d also like a screenshot of all the possible rooms I can be assigned at check in. We’ll see how that goes…


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